Tuesday in Washington

Both the House and the Senate are in session today. Although there were some new rumblings of compromise proposals to avert or limit the impacts of the sequestration from the New York delegation, the cut still appears likely to occur. Democrats are proposing higher taxes, cuts to defense spending, and cuts to farm programs to offset the sequester–a proposal with little chance of passing. Some Republicans expressed support for to giving the Defense Department more flexibility in how to impose the cuts, but even that seems to generate opposition.

Today, the House will consider a resolution to set up an annual competition in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in each congressional district.The Senate will attempt to secure the 60 votes needed to move Sen. Hagel’s nomination forward.

Other Items of Interest:
Last Thursday, Adam Sieminski, Administrator of the EIA gave a presentation to CEA on the outlook for Shale Gas and Tight Oil Development through 2040. The EIA predicts that the US will become a net exporter of natural gas in the next 10 years, that oil production will increase rapidly over the same period outpacing consumption, that oil consumption will reflect more stringent efficiency standards, and carbon emissions will remain below 2005 levels through 2040. A copy of the presentation can be viewed here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vohqg4q2gioeie/Sieminski_CEA_022113.pdf

At 10AM, the House Energy and Power Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hear hearing on “American Energy Security and Innovation: An Assessment of Private-Sector Successes and Opportunities in Energy Efficient Technologies.”

At noon, the Natural Gas Roundtable will hold a luncheon discussion on “Jobs, Energy Security and the Economy: The Role Natural Gas will Play in America’s Future.” Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) will be the keynote speaker.

At 2PM, the House Science Committee Environment Subcommittee will hold a hearing on “Mid-Level Ethanol Blends: Consumer and Technical Research Needs.”

Consumer Energy Alliance released its recommendations for the 113th Congress yesterday. A copy of the recommendations can be viewed here: http://t.co/NXSgkiZLIL

RFS fraud resulted in a twelve year, six month prison sentence for a MD man who sold millions of dollars worth of fraudulent renewable fuel credits. The man used the $9.1 million in profits to buy jewelry and luxury vehicles including a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a Maserati and other cars–apparently it was the cars that tipped off authorities. A report on the case can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/V3ejDy

In an effort to improve the transparency of of the legislative process, Senator Wyden and Senator Murkowski have agreed to broadcast the Energy and Natural Resources markups. a copy of the announcement can be reviewed here: http://1.usa.gov/Wn5ZLb

Treasury Nominee Jack Lew submitted his written responses to Sen. Hatch’s questions regarding tax and fiscal policies. The responses include the nominee’s assertion that the Administration is not considering a carbon tax to address climate change. the responses can be viewed here: http://www.hatch.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/f8f55794-cff9-4059-9517-3bacbbc314eb/2%2022%202013%20Hatch%20QFR%20Responses%20R1.pdf

New Member of the Day: Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY)–repeat since it did not go through yesterday

Committee Assignments: Agriculture and Transportation & Infrastructure

Chief of Staff: Tim Persico
Legislative Director: Jennifer Steel
Twitter: @spmaloney

Experience: Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney defeated freshman Republican Nan Hayworth to represent New York’s 18th Congressional District, which includes the northern suburbs of NYC. He served in the Clinton White House as the staff secretary from 1997-1999. When He left the White House, he founded a high-tech startup company that made risk-management software. He ran for NY AG, losing in the democratic primarynto Andrew Cuomo. Later, he served as a senior staff member to Gov. Spitzer and Gov. Patrick of New York, focusing on education and infrastructure projects. He oversaw 13 state agencies and departments, including those responsible for all homeland security, state police and emergency management operations. He was born in Canada to American parents and was raised in Hanover, New Hampshire. Between college and law school at the University of Virginia, he spent a year working with a Roman Catholic religious order, the Society of Jesus, in Peru.

Importance: Rep. Maloney’s priorities in the 113th Congress include strengthening the health and financial security of America’s retirees, creating economic opportunity for New York families in the Hudson Valley, and balancing the budget the right way. His experience as working on issues at the national level at the White House and the state level as both a businessman and an advisor to two governors gives him a unique appreciation of both the politics and policies that create jobs. His district includes a large number of agricultural producers who are affected by both high energy prices and environmental regulations. With close proximity to key watersheds in the region, the producers in his district could be impacted by any regulations targeting water use and water quality with connections to agriculture. He is the first openly gay Member of the NY Congressional delegation, and he and his partner of over 20 years have raised three children.

If you have any question, contact me anytime. Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


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