This blog is run by Michael Zehr, the current Vice President of U.S. Federal Affairs for HBW Resources, LLC.  HBW Resources specializes in strategic engagment, above ground risk assessment, grassroots advocacy, public affairs, issue managment, and coalition building.  With offices in Houston, Denver, Calgary, Chicago, and Washington, DC, HBW Resources is well positioned geographically to serve industries and organizations involved in the North American energy and aerospace sectors. The views expressed in this blog are those of Michael Zehr and do not necessarily reflect the views of HBW Resources or its clients.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. We noticed that you summarized one of our articles and linked to it, but did not give any mention of Air Cargo World magazine on your web site. We ask that you give credit to Air Cargo World on your website for our copyrighted article.

    John McCurry
    Air Cargo World magazine

    1. Very sorry the link was not properly labeled to reflect the great content you guys put out. I have removed the summary of article from the blog, and will make sure we properly give credit moving forward. Apologies for the mistake.

      Michael Zehr
      HBW Resources

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